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We offer many exciting opportunities for schools and groups of all ages!

Tour Options:

  1. Guided Tour (Approx. 45 Minutes | Minimum 20 required)
    Go deeper into Bird Kingdom with an informative guided tour led by our friendly and knowledgeable interpreters.

  2. Self-Guided Tour (No time limit)
    Walk through the Bird Kingdom facility at your own pace. Interact with our birds, reptiles and animals. Take advantage of the many wonderful photo opportunities throughout!

Student Educational Programs (optional):

In addition to your tour, we have a flock of unique and interactive programs that will delight your students! Through the programming, students develop a greater sense of appreciation for the natural environment and learn ways on how they can help conserve our world. After the presentation, students get to tour the aviary reinforcing what they have learned in the class room setting.

additional group add-ons (optional):

  • Eating Space
    Eating space is provided for groups who wish to bring their own snacks/lunch. Reservation required. Based on availability.
  • Lorikeet Feeding ($)
    Our beautiful Australian Lorikeets will land on you to drink nectar from a cup! A truly unique experience.


  • Special rates are offered to groups of 10 people or more with a reservation.
  • All group bookings must be made in advance.
  • Receive one free admission for every 10 paid admissions.
  • Confirmation of group numbers and other details are required 48 hours in advance.
  • Full payment is due upon arrival after final numbers have been adjusted. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash and debit. School & corporate cheques are accepted. (No personal cheques)
  • We request that you notify the Bird Kingdom at least 48 hours in advance upon cancellation of a group booking to avoid cancellation fees (50% of booking total).
  • Please be aware that peanuts/nuts are used in the parrots' diet and does come in contact with bird handlers. If anyone in your group has an allergy, please inform us immediately.
  • No food or drinks are allowed when touring inside the aviary. 
  • Chaperones are responsible for the behavior of students during their stay at the Bird Kingdom. 
  • Please note that if your group is 30+ minutes late for a scheduled Guided Tour or Educational Classroom Program, we may need to adjust your visit in order to accommodate other scheduled groups. If we are unable to accommodate a missed Guided Tour, the group will then need to be "Self-Guided". Classroom space is very limited, so for groups who are considerably late, your classroom program may be forfeited.

consider booking an outreach program and let bird kingdom bring some of our live collection to you!

Click here to learn more about Bird Kingdom's Outreach Programs!

For more information or to reserve, please contact:

Kim Cosby | Group Sales
T) 905-356-8888 x 232
E) [email protected]